sobota 16. února 2019

News in distro - Atavistic Americana from Horologium!

New album from this Polish martial industrial project was just released by Sky Burial, if you like early Coil and Laibach, you cannot miss this!
Or order 12" vinyl on

středa 19. prosince 2018

Newly confirmed bands on More Noise for Life festival!

1) BAKOUNINE - Raw d-beat crust punk destruction (France)

2) PER CAPITA - Really raw crust grind from München (Germany)

3) DØZIX - Dirty punk immigrants from spain, venezuela and columbia - Berlin (Germany)

4) POSTEA - Energy hardcore punk from Lukavice (Czech Republic)

5) ULTIMO GOBIERNO - Legendary hc/punk that was based in 1984 from Burgos (Spain)

6) HELLKNIFE - D-beat crust metal, amazing sound from Mannheim (Germany)

7) HERIDA PROFUNDA - Crust punk attack with angry voice (Poland/UK)

8) TERMINÁTOR 1 - D-beat crust punk mangel from Mezőtúr (Hungary)

9) GIPSY SS - Individual hardcore punk (Hungary)

10) MORIBUND SCUM - Brutal stench core crust with their amazing releases (Germany)

11) SLAVERY - Crust and again crust with new line up they continue (Czech Republic)

12) USA LA TUA RABBIA - Excelent fastcore crust with members of Bakounine (France)

13) PISSCHARGE - Raw d-beat punk with international line up and upcoming LP (Germany)

14) ACTIVE MINDS - Absolutely great, political hc/punk from Scarborough since 1986! (UK) 

15) K.Z.O. - Raw ride hc/punk band from Tábor (Czech Republic)

16) KRU$H - Crust core ride from the second half of the 90. years in the spirit of Disrupt (Holland)

17) POLIS-ÄCKEL - Extreme raw noise punk comando with killer demo tape (Italy)

18) SELKÄSAUNA - Finnish raw punk mixing finland and sweden from Göteborg (Sweden)

19) ĐORNATA - Power raw punk inspired by british hc/punk bands from 80. Years (Slovenia)


and more to come! 

sobota 15. prosince 2018

News in distro – hang yourself on Christmass 2018

Ankylym – Vodonta – 12“
New LP of avantgarde punks from Russia – hardcore played on folk instruments with some jazz and
Balkan brass band music influences!

Kostadis (Gre)– Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus split 12“ – , ambient, musique concrete, soundscapes and collages, sonic trip!
Mytrip & Evitceles (Bulgaria) – Protective – split + collaboration 12“ – darkambient, minimal atmo electronics – floaty listening of depressed  substance!
Postea – Město – CD/12“ – first LP of this epic neocrust squadron from eastern Czechia!  
ZLI REŽIM(Croatia) – The Ultimate collection tape  - 5 minutes of blackened noise-core,  vacuum-packed!
Nelegat (Bulgaria) - Intolerance tape – dark ambient, minimal electronics, experimental techno
Usmívá se takhle tvoje matka?! Tape
Obscure noise/black metal of Abruptum-like approach! Limited edition tapes, you can buy it only when you send the picture of your mother laughing! 

Kikiriki – Sub Bound CD
New album of Slovenian experimental/noise artist Nina Faric!
Kikiriki – Depth CD
…and her older stuff too!
Sebastian Crnich – Immediate Species CD+ Everyday Life Eraser CD - Harsh noise from Bosnia!  
Sea of Poppies s/t tape
First release of this Czech new noise project, the member also creates as Deprivation Chamber.
Drén + Noitt live tape
Two live sets of these Slovakian noise engineers!

…but unfortunately, the promised split of Vazio-Death by Starvation was probably lost by German post office. When we get the truck, revenge comes soon!