úterý 31. května 2016

PNS news!

News in distro:

Posthuman no. 8 – music fanzine with cultural and social overlap, supporting these styles: grindcore, crust, hardcore, noise, a bit death and thrash. In English!

ExSxMx - E.S.M. the fourth album of Czech audioterrorist commando, formerly known as Napalmed! - CD

Massola feat. Sedem Minút Strachu - no lyrics, no music, no composition, no idea, no pepsi, 100% improshit , just violence - CD

Wombat Simogató Hapsik - absurd cyber-grind, tape wrapped to sack similar to cat hair

Din-Addict - Neurosexual Deformation - lo-fi grindcore shit, DIY tape

Out soon:

Noise Cave na Žižkovské Noci compilation - Phaerentz, Astrální Hlemýžď, Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus, Kikiriki, Eine Stunde Merzbauten, The Prostory Revival ...but because Žižkovská Noc seems inactive in the case of making it, so the first wave of lo-fi tapes will be released by us!

Paregorik – Vamos a Matar Companeros! / Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus – Two mules for Uncle Grasha SPLIT – two hours of massive harsh noise with spaghetti western thematics – Cdr and DIY tape

Kikiriki – a record from Žižkovská noc show, benefit for the avantgarde caffe Rybanaruby – 3,5” floppy disc (ok, not the whole recording:-D)

Mrtvoduh S/T – lo-fi dark ambient from Croatia – Cdr

Nac/Hut Report – tba – full length and maybe a single, 3,5“ floppy disc and tapes

Den Lumíků – be surprised!

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