pondělí 8. srpna 2016

News in distro, August 2016

News in distro:

Bambulkyne Dobrodružstvá – The Wrath of Grandpa Joseph EP – chrocht'n'roll ( Rompeprop plays Motörhead),the first release of Czech bedtime story lovers, on tape and CD

III- Lines & Lands
III or Three Parallel Lines, the tape release of this Italian melancholic ambient- black metal in limited edition!

Tosiro – Lunvy - The second full length of Czech emo/post-hardcore band released on tape, awaited for long time!

Arch Vile zine no. 3 – grindcore zine of Hungarian Posthuman production, written in English, but with graphical motives of Nuke Dukem and DOOM PC games!

Den Lumíků – Hnědá Hnědou Byla single – released 3,5" floppy disk with totally sterile package! The killer of cool styled people!

Out soon:

Paregorik – Vamos a Matar Companeros! / Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus – Two mules for Uncle Grasha SPLIT – two hours of massive harsh noise with spaghetti western thematics – Cdr and DIY tape, released on Pravěkfest at the latest!

Nac/Hut Report – tba – full length and maybe a single, 3,5“ floppy disc and tapes

Lhostejnost – the first release of Czech insect- drone/doom

Calf (noise rock from Greece)– Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus (The House of Thousands Testicles) split – on tape by label collaboration of Pravěk, NAAB and Sweetohm recordings, Greece

Surfin' Bazooka – new stuff, lack of informations, but lot of ammunition!

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