sobota 24. září 2016

News in distro!

Lhostejnost – Menhir!
The first album of Czech drone-doom band. Heavy and without any movement for thousand years! Tape release by PNS in limited edition of 20 pieces!
Split Calf – Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus!…/split-with-…
The House of Thousands Testicles is inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky's movie The Holy Mountain, it reflects a spiritual dictatorship ruling over anything. Calf are presenting LOWNESS SALUTE TO THE GOLDEN TRASH PATRIOTS WHO WILL LOVE THEIR INESCAPABLE FATE , if you like Throbbing Gristle, you must have it! Order tape at labels Pravěk Noise Section, Noise Assault Agency Budweiss (NAAB) or SweetOhm recordings.

Paregorik – Vamos a Matar Companeros! / Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus – Two mules for Uncle Grasha SPLIT – two hours of massive harsh noise with spaghetti western thematics – Cdr and DIY tape, 10 pieces limited, released on Pravěkfest!

eE eS eM - ByloNebyloRybaNaruby 

Fifth album out now! Hakenkreuz on cover! Pressed CD, Enjoy free-improvisation avantgarde-jazz electronic-noise madness in 99 tracks. Live and studio sessions - tenor saxophone, voice, electronics, strange rhythms!


The first LP of Surfin' Bazooka and vinyl split UGFC/III! Searching for labelz for collaboration, but you have heard nothing, RIGHT!!!???

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