pátek 6. ledna 2017

Pravěk Noise Section news fi(r)st in 2017

News in distro:

Victims of Classwar / Партия split LP 12“ no need to explain!

Posthuman zine no. 9 - better than ever with very "colorful" content, A5, b/w, 56 pages, old-school scissors+glue design, chaotic thrash art, informative writings and never ending fun!!

Number Fever #1 – new stuff of Posthuman prod. - “The debut issue of this exciting mathzine represents famous numbers like Pi, e, Fibonacchi, etc. plus explains some facts related to complex numbers, history of zero and the anthropic theory. “


III- Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus split 9“ - co-op between Véva Records, Boelzcore, Noise Mafia and Sky Burial! White lathe cut 9”, coming end this January!

Extended Suicide + NoLL iQ Split 7".A co-op between Vleesklak Records, Glass To The Face Records, Cold Youth Records, Pravek Noise Section & Let The Bastards Grind.

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