středa 3. května 2017

Pravěkfest VI.- 2/3 of the bands confirmed!

Pravěkfest VI
6. - 8. 10. 2017

The 6th annual of benefit DIY festival Pravěkfest will be held from 6th to 8th of October 2017! Every year we get a little bit bigger, thanks to your interest – this time 3 days and 2 stages! On the band stage you will get a little bit different genre every day, but connected in extreme music prism and sharing DIY/anti-mainstream principles. Friday is dedicated to doom and black metal, Saturday belongs to hardcore, punk, crust, grind and even gore, and on Sunday we finally experiment with sound. Freetekno stage is organized parallel to the band one, it will be managed by our friends Olgoj Chorchoj Sound System, 25neacid and The Prostory Revival! You can enjoy all of this in huge and atmospheric building of Eternia/Underdogs, led by great people! 

Confirmed bands so far:
Máma Bubo – new wave/alternative
Victims of Classwar (DE) – black metal/crust
Jackson Fight (FRA) – fastcore
OR – noise rock
6MAS – crust as fuck
Afterlife – neocrust/blackened hardcore
Drén – harsh noise
Pray For Death - crust/death metal
LEZOK – unorthodox black metal
Menstrual Soup - grindcore
Yamabushi – new wave/alternative/industrial
Bambulkyně Dobrudružstvá – chrocht'n'roll pissover
USNU? - harsh noise/rock'n'roll
Lhostejnost – drone doom
Ejakulující Kokos – hawai cococore/demented gore grind

Decorations by Markar

Donations are given after covering our costs to Food Not Bombs organization – entry donations, but we recommend to give 6E per day, after giving 11 E you will be given an armlet for all days!
Pravěk is a project of independent DIY literary movement, that helps mostly young authors with releasing their art without waiting in the line of “unsolicited” writters and without groveling in the front of commercial publishers. DIY or die!
Complete info in English will soon follow! And without mistakes, he he

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