úterý 4. července 2017

Archa Bláznů - Fluff fest stage

„People cannot be prevented from losing their minds...
...it is possible not to feel the pain...but to despise the pain means to despise a life!”

A minor stage at international Fluff fest promoted by Pravěk Noise Section, focused mainly on the dark and unpopular music genres, especially drone, dark ambient, noise, gloomy deathindustrial and powerelectronics. 


Aether (drone/ambient/elektro black metal, GER)
A howling from the dark tombs, an authentic desperate journey across the universe of the above mentioned genres!

Kluizenaer aka KLZNR (dark ambient/harsh electronics, GER)
This anti-clerical and pro-vegan harsh drone noisy lavage will allows us to dig the dead bodies shaft even under an airfield!

Pachuka (dark ambient/alternative/experimental, CZE)
Roaring ambient arcades, rumbling noises on the borderline of silence and finally the melancholic dark tunes of a trumpet or even some other acoustic instrument - so the lunacy begins.

Lhostejnost (drone-doom, CZE)
A drone so heavy and standstill, that cannot fall on you to kill you, so the deliverance won't come. For about half an hour you will force the inevitable nothingness. But please, don't forget not to applause!

July 23th 2017
The area of Fluff fest – Rokycany airfield, within the Underdogs' stage

Dedicated to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Ivan Balaďa

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