pondělí 31. července 2017

News in distro summertime sadness 2017


Mytrip – Filament 12“ LP
Dark ambient from Bulgaria, from the beginning a little bit dirty, but then slowly evolves into electrobeats https://mytrip.bandcamp.com
Nac/Hut Report – Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia CD
The new album of our Polish friends, according to reviews more depressive avantgarde noise pop , that means when Swans are collaborating with Forgotten Tomb and playing the songs of Josephine Baker!
Hidden Persuaders - Flowers Of the Abyss – atmospheric/ ritual drone / experimental / black metal from Norway on the murmuring tape, you must admit that it makes sense
Noční Provoz - Mare nostrum ignis est – industrial/ambient/poetry CD
Festa Desparado – Alergie 7” reviving history, moreover notcool kids are said to listen this!
Interpunkce s/t– not new, but on the tape again!
Plague Called Humanity – Disconnection CD
Czech webzine echoes doesn't like this, because it is too electronic-violent, so you will probably love it!

every moment (means more than a plan!):

Extended Suicide + NoLL iQ Split 7" collab with Vleesklak Records, Glass To The Face Records, Cold Youth Records a Let The Bastards Grind – already released,but drunk Swedish punx are usually not able to find a post office in the period of two weeks :-D
Usnu? - Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - harsh noise/power electronics collab – the tape is in process by Erik (Spálená ramena zine) , will be ready on FFUD fest!

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