středa 30. května 2018

News in pisstro (book is more powerful than sword, piss is more powerful than both)

ORTURE – chaos, noise DADA black metal from Berlin, the tape dark as the night when you shitted yourself

ONONON – 17 Spells – punch-pop/avantgarde punk – 17 song- one 7“ (but not noise core shit or powerviolence) , do they have your interest now? ;-)

Interpunkce - Dosavoir vivre split MC – raw hardcore-punk, with the title: WE HAVE WHAT WE WANTED

Ascidie "Split K7 w/ Matrak Attakk – anarcho-punk/crust/grind split tape France/Belgium

Sugar Boys / Dröme - split DISCONTINUED – psychedelic noise rock tape split from Russia


- the promised vinyl split of Vazio-Death by Starvation is going to be pressed, so expect it very soon!

- we are going to release some small edition of the album THUG from NERVØS! Slowly monotonous destructive noise rock with harsh noise walls at the backgrounds from Norway, these guys sometimes forget their merch, when they are touring, that’s why we are helping :-)

UGFC- Stalinist God will be firmly released on 30th August, on 70th anniversary of establishment of Departamentul Securităţii Statului Securitate, more known as Securitate, probably the most brutal secret police of the former eastern bloc

+ and finally a surprise tape made by Erik/Spálená Ramena, for now we can say the sound will be from UGFC, called Paralyzed Paradise.

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