čtvrtek 17. května 2018

Prague Anarchist Bookfair starts this weekend!

6th Prague Anarchist Bookfair take place on May 19th since 10:00 till 20:00

Prague Anarchist Bookfair became solid local event with hundreds of people coming from all kind of backgrounds, not only from around anarchist and antiauthoritarian circles.

It consists of presentation & selling of anarchist and antiauthoritarian literature of different kinds and lecture and workshop part.

Whole event is DIY and non-profit. We take no charge for stall and if needed, we should be able to help active participants with travel costs.



Time schedule of lectures and projections is out, all the lectures will be translated into/from English:

Lectures in Underdogs:

11:00 Solis! – talk about solidarity networks from all around the world

12:00 Postanarchism. On the renewal of anarchist theory

13:00 A parallel world in color

14:00 Collectively against capital – Wages, workplaces and (political) power at the time of the economic boom

15:00 Antifascist movement in the US

16:00 Klimakemp 2018

17:00 THE NETWORK: repressions against anarchists and antifascists in Russia and fabricated terrorist cases

18:00 Peter Gelderloos – Worshiping Power: An Anarchist Vision of Early State Formation

19:00 Robin Yassin-Kassab: Burning country – Syrians in Revolution and War

Screening room:

11:45 screening of a documentary about the network of solidarity housing MHS (64 min)

13:00 discussion – Postanarchism

13:30 screening Bullfight (121 minut) + discussion with the authors

16:00 screening Antifa USA + discussion

17:00 Klimakemp discussion + screening Behind the fossil courtain

18:00 discussion – repressions in Russia

18:30 Zádruha – short history of czech anarchist movement (from 1880)

19:00 discussion with Peter Gelderloos

20:00 discussion with Robin Kassab

Last minute program in the attic:

20:00 Searching for Streets of Sugar: Why and how do we publish an internationalist antinational magazine?

21:00 Bini Adamczak: Communism for kids



Sharpen Your Fringe


Frau Frankenstein und spüllboys

Jungiez X Edosh / PTAKZ /


RAW Rave DJs Domie & Eldatel

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