úterý 7. srpna 2018

STALINIST GOD from UGFC is going to be released on 30th August!


The new album of Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus is going to be released on August 30th, on 70th anniversary of Departamentul Securității Statului establishment, the institution commonly known as Securitate, true Stalinist God!
The background is again based on dark-ambient and industrial/powerelectronics vibes and noises, but each song is different, you can find harsh battle songs full of samples as well as wholly field-recording minimalisms. For (war)history lovers, dark tales explorers, fetish-artwork maniacs, but most of all, open minded existences! 

The tapes (released by Grom&Lord Records, S kudlou v zádech, Pravěk Noise Section, Sors Fintora rec and Raw Zine), DIY double-tapes (the special release in Slovenia by Debila records) and DIY CDs (by Pravěk Noise Section) will be ready then, but we are accepting pre-orders even now :-)
The vinyls are in process, more info will soon follow, thanks Ralzeil de Vires for mastering!
Until then, enjoy the atmosphere of two already released tracks:
Stalinist God live:
6.9. Prague, Underdogs, w. Horror Vacui, The Bellicose Minds, Hrobokop
26.-27.10. Ljubljana, Slovenia,Mrož fest, w. The Karmakumulator, Gen 26, Usnu?...
+more will come!
Do you want total Stalinist God live? Don't hesitate to write!

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