neděle 16. září 2018

MORE NOISE FOR LIFE vol. 13 - date and first bands announced!


Will be :

Open air festival -- Czech Republic

Two days -- August 2019 :
Friday 23. 8.
Saturday 24.8. 

Venue : Podbor (Close to Pardubice city)

The list of bands is being prepared, there will play around 25 bands. And it will be my 35th birthday.

!!The festival has no sponsors! // Festival nemá žádné sponzory!!


Confirmed bands // Potvrzené kapely :

1) BAKOUNINE - raw d-beat crust destruction (France)

2) PER CAPITA - really raw crust grind from München (Germany)

3) DØZIX - dirty punk immigrants from spain, venezuela and columbia - Berlin (Germany)

4) POSTEA - energy hardcore punk from Lukavice (Czech Republic)



 Info about fest : 
is D.I.Y. festival raw punk d-beat crust hc/ grind friendly bands, only D.I.Y. punk, no commercial bands will be supported here, no tolerance of sexism, racism, authority and another likewise shit. At the place you´ll find distros, vegan food, included a benefit money box for animal freedom. If you´re interested to play here or you got a distro, you´re heartily welcomed, write to email. Everything is done D.I.Y., this way all the money from the entrance goes to the bands for travelling expenses, think of that. No shitty people, no DOGS!

Link mapy :

English info :
At place there will be : Distros, bar - vegan food, non alcoholic drinks, beers, hard liquor and materials concerning Animal freedom . There´ll be a campfire as always. The place in front of the stage is gonna be fully-roofed so playing will take place even in case of rainy weather. The possibility of camping.

How to get to the concert : Train of track 016 in direction Borohrádek - Chrudim. Get off at train stop Bořice. The concert place lies about 1 km from the train station at a soccer field near the forest in Podbor.

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