pondělí 25. února 2019

DEAF KIDS & RAKTA + UGFC ★ Underdogs'

Underdogs' and Fluff Fest present

DEAF KIDS (BR, Neurot Recordings) + RAKTA (BR, Iron Lung Records)

Wednesday 04/17 @ Underdogs'

Formed in 2010 in the industrial city of Volta/Rio de Janeiro, Deaf Kids' first iteration was a solo idea by Douglas, delivering a fuzz-soaked blend of crust/d-beat and the many other musical offerings he had to offer. Soon, a live-performing unit was assembled, and a few months after the lineup was stabilized, with Mariano on drums and Marcelo on bass.

The band's releases carry different takes on sheer and hypnotic beats that comprise D-beat, like the full throttle noisy assault of 2012's 'Six Heretic Anthems for the Death' EP or the cavernous, off-the-rails hardcore and apocalyptic monoliths that comprise 2014's 'The Upper Hand' LP. As the band moved to live together in São Paulo, composing and creating as a full unit, the different musical and aesthetic tastes – mixed with the broadening of each one's musical spectrum and common interest on mesmerizing grooves and psychedelic overwhelming rhythms from all over the world – flipped the band onto a more extreme experience. The resulting process can be checked on the mind-abusing, lingering repetition of 2015' split with USA's Timekiller, the 2016/2017's avant-garde wild and psychedelic absurdity that is 'Configuração do Lamento' – and the cathartic energy discharge of their live performances.

Straight from the depths of São Paulo, Brazil, Rakta is a band too wild to be caged inside familiar rock labels. The unique, rough and psychedelic sound, followed by instinctive and free performances by its members, makes Rakta’s message disseminate throughout the world. Psychedelic textures emanate above the solid base lines and drums, created by manipulating a synthesizer and effect pedals.

The lyrics are evoked as mantras; the verses and choruses are spilled in a way that each music stops being a song and becomes a process, a translation of an emotion in rhythms and sounds overlapped and organized to the limit of chaos.

And for those who will not rush to bed, we have a special bonus:
a set by Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus aka UGFC (dark industrial ambient noise based on surrealistic visions, poems and manifests of avantgarde artist Willhelm Grasslich).

presale via goout.net : 200CZK + fees
tickets at the door for 250 CZK


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