středa 19. prosince 2018

Newly confirmed bands on More Noise for Life festival!

1) BAKOUNINE - Raw d-beat crust punk destruction (France)

2) PER CAPITA - Really raw crust grind from München (Germany)

3) DØZIX - Dirty punk immigrants from spain, venezuela and columbia - Berlin (Germany)

4) POSTEA - Energy hardcore punk from Lukavice (Czech Republic)

5) ULTIMO GOBIERNO - Legendary hc/punk that was based in 1984 from Burgos (Spain)

6) HELLKNIFE - D-beat crust metal, amazing sound from Mannheim (Germany)

7) HERIDA PROFUNDA - Crust punk attack with angry voice (Poland/UK)

8) TERMINÁTOR 1 - D-beat crust punk mangel from Mezőtúr (Hungary)

9) GIPSY SS - Individual hardcore punk (Hungary)

10) MORIBUND SCUM - Brutal stench core crust with their amazing releases (Germany)

11) SLAVERY - Crust and again crust with new line up they continue (Czech Republic)

12) USA LA TUA RABBIA - Excelent fastcore crust with members of Bakounine (France)

13) PISSCHARGE - Raw d-beat punk with international line up and upcoming LP (Germany)

14) ACTIVE MINDS - Absolutely great, political hc/punk from Scarborough since 1986! (UK) 

15) K.Z.O. - Raw ride hc/punk band from Tábor (Czech Republic)

16) KRU$H - Crust core ride from the second half of the 90. years in the spirit of Disrupt (Holland)

17) POLIS-ÄCKEL - Extreme raw noise punk comando with killer demo tape (Italy)

18) SELKÄSAUNA - Finnish raw punk mixing finland and sweden from Göteborg (Sweden)

19) ĐORNATA - Power raw punk inspired by british hc/punk bands from 80. Years (Slovenia)


and more to come! 

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