sobota 15. prosince 2018

News in distro – hang yourself on Christmass 2018

Ankylym – Vodonta – 12“
New LP of avantgarde punks from Russia – hardcore played on folk instruments with some jazz and
Balkan brass band music influences!

Kostadis (Gre)– Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus split 12“ – , ambient, musique concrete, soundscapes and collages, sonic trip!
Mytrip & Evitceles (Bulgaria) – Protective – split + collaboration 12“ – darkambient, minimal atmo electronics – floaty listening of depressed  substance!
Postea – Město – CD/12“ – first LP of this epic neocrust squadron from eastern Czechia!  
ZLI REŽIM(Croatia) – The Ultimate collection tape  - 5 minutes of blackened noise-core,  vacuum-packed!
Nelegat (Bulgaria) - Intolerance tape – dark ambient, minimal electronics, experimental techno
Usmívá se takhle tvoje matka?! Tape
Obscure noise/black metal of Abruptum-like approach! Limited edition tapes, you can buy it only when you send the picture of your mother laughing! 

Kikiriki – Sub Bound CD
New album of Slovenian experimental/noise artist Nina Faric!
Kikiriki – Depth CD
…and her older stuff too!
Sebastian Crnich – Immediate Species CD+ Everyday Life Eraser CD - Harsh noise from Bosnia!  
Sea of Poppies s/t tape
First release of this Czech new noise project, the member also creates as Deprivation Chamber.
Drén + Noitt live tape
Two live sets of these Slovakian noise engineers!

…but unfortunately, the promised split of Vazio-Death by Starvation was probably lost by German post office. When we get the truck, revenge comes soon!

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